Presentations Provided by Harriman:

2020.12.15_ELHS BldgComm Meeting.pdf
2020.10.27_ELHS BldgComm MeetingPresented.pdf
2020.09.29_ELHS BldgComm MeetingPresented.pdf
2020.07.28_ELHS Bldg Meeting.pdf
2020.06.16_ELHS Building Update.pdf
2020.05.05_ELHS Building Update-Presented.pdf
2020.03.31_ELHS Building Update-Presented.pdf
2020.01.28_ELHS Building Committee Update-r.pdf
2020.01.22_ELHS Community Forum Presentation.pdf

Site Selection:

Site Selection: On Wednesday, September 15, 2018, the State Board of Education unanimously approved the new high to be built on ELHS's current site! Below is the link to the article that was in the Sun Journal. Although the estimated cost was again in the article, three years ago we did not discuss a satellite CTE program. At the meeting held on September 26 at 6:00, we reviewed the timeline and next steps for committee work. Sun Journal Site Selection Article.